8-point Stars

Our eight-point star category had almost 80 stars the first time we counted them. Click on an icon to choose which stars you want to see.

1– 3 diamond rings LeMoyne, Hunter's, Blazing, and Virginia Stars, among others.
Whole-quilt stars Stars from five to 21 rings, plus Broken Star and Spiral Lone Star
Ohio Star & cousins The classic Ohio Star and a double handful of variations.
Sawtooth & cousins Another venerable star, with variations.

Sun Rays & cousins One of our favorite
stars and a half-dozen
of its relatives.

Chevron Stars
Stars with prominent chevrons, some with checkerboards too.
More Chevrons Chevron blocks that call for a more flexible definition of "star."
Pinwheel Stars Blocks with pinwheel effects from the pattern or colors.
Other 8-point Stars Stars that stand alone, or almost, and two feathered stars.