Table of Contents

  Star blocks

Four points


Plus Shaped

Center Patch


Center Points

Star Diagrams

Beautiful Star
Arkansas Snow Flake
Michigan's Pontiac Star
Four Points
Danish Stars
Job's Troubles
Pontiac Star
The New Four-Pointer
Night and Day
Southside Star
Stepping Stones (Snow)
Nose Gay
The Jewel Quilt

The Priscilla
The Priscilla
Kaleidoscopic Patch
Kaleidoscopic Patch
Diamond and Star
World Without End
Geometrical Star
Geometric Star
Geometrical Star
Hobby Nook
Rocky Road to Kansas
Rocky Road to Kansas
Teddy's Choice
Cowboy's Star
Cowboy Star
Job's Troubles
Milkmaid's Star
Crossed Canoes
Crossed Canoes
Indian Canoes
Wyoming Patch
Cowboy's Star

Five points

Five-pointed Star
Union Star
20th-century Star
Star of the West
Evening Star
Moon Flower

Five-point Star

Five-point Star
Single point (for bigger stars)
Moon Flower


Six points

Star of Bethlehem
Novel Star
Savannah Beautiful Star
Sylvia's Choice
Savannah Beautiful Star


8 points


1–3 Rings
of Diamonds

Diamond Stars

Ohio Stars

LeMoyne Star
Hunter's Star
Hunter Star
Virginia Star
Blazing Star
National Star
Blazing Star
Northumberland Star
Star of Hope
Stars Upon Stars
Glittering Star
Lone Star
Texas Star
Bethlehem Star
Star of Bethlehem
Spiral Lone Star
Broken Star

Ohio Star
Mosaic Patchwork #1
Variable Star
Lone Star
Star Spangled
Flying Crow
Mystery Flower Garden
Aunt Eliza's Star
Dolly Madison Star
Kaleidoscope Quilt


Sawtooth Stars


Chevron Stars

Cousins of Chevron

Ribbon Star
Joining Star
Star in a Star
Eight Hands Around
Eight Hands Around
Free Trade Block
Sarah's Choice
Anna's Choice Quilt
Blackford's Beauty
Mrs. Smith's Favorite
Endless Chain
Good Cheer
Stepping Stones
Stepping Stones
V Block
V. Block
Wyoming Valley

Doe & Darts (Finley)
Doe & Darts (web)
Sandhills Star
Modern Star
Star of Many Points
Wedding Bouquet
Merry Kite


Sun Rays Stars

8-point Pinwheel Stars

Other 8-point Stars

  Sun Rays Quilt
54-40 or Fight
Tennessee Waltz
Dove at the Window
Prairie Queen
Pineapple Quilt
Slashed Album
Flying Bats
Polaris Star
Circling Swallows
Flying Swallow
Whirling Star
Falling Star
Godey's Design
Star Flower
Pin Wheel
Polk Ohio
Fish Tails
Waltzing Matilda
Unfolding Star
Card Trick

Winged 9 Patch
The North Star
North Star
Star of the East
Silver and Gold
Star of Empire
Hattie's Choice
Long-pointed Star
Feathered Star
Star of Chamblie


9+ points

Mariner's Compass 

Note: Wheat Field, Finley's Pin Wheel and
Rhubarb Twist are not on the site yet!

Mariner's Compass
Single Sunflower
Russian Sunflower
Chips & Whetstones
Chips & Whetstones
Rising Sun
Slashed Star