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 About us


Count us among those people with Quilt Pox. We love the supportive, generous ethos of communities of women in a tradition reaching back into an unknown past; the designs that evolve with any change of fabric; the quietly calming process of stitching seam after seam into a thing of beauty. For some, quilting brings healing; for others, it's an achievement. Quilt-show entries can be breathtaking.


This site, FieldGuidetoQuilts.org, will eventually replace FieldGuidetoQuilts.com, which is hopelessly crazy-coded because we tried to make it mobile-friendly at Google's behest. We wanted to improve the site anyway: streamline the organization, consolidate pages, fix the indexes, etc.

Our plan is to rename this .org as .com when we replace the old site -- if that's possible -- but nothing will happen till this one is ready! We're pedaling as fast as we can.

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